We build world-class mobile applications that are customized to our clients’ exact needs and requirements with a focus on design simplicity, usability and efficiency.

We will commit to assist you in developing your mobile solution wither it was:

1.) A corporate mobile application: In which your company wants to have a mobile presence to show case their services and products to your clients and attract new one We own a successful track record working with big corporate in the region from various industries; we assist them to “Go Mobile!”  and realize the potential of mobile solutions. These industries are: Banking, automotive, education, sports, mobile operators and energy.

2.) A consumer mobile application: In which you want to develop your idea into a mobile application and publish it on the app stores for all consumers to benefit from and use so you can build it and generate revenues out of it. Not only we help our clients in developing consumers apps; but we also to commit with them on achieving a certain number of downloads within a specific time-frame when we publish their consumers application.



market app

Developing the best app is not enough; you have to stand out from the crowded market and reach your clients with the most cost-effective methods, and we know what those methods are.

Mobile marketing is an art that we mastered during the last 7 years; we understand mobile marketing like no other companies as we used to utilize our experience in mobile marketing to promote our catalogue of games and apps.

We value and understand that marketing is an investment that requires clear KPIs, targets and goals. We also understand that marketing should bring value users to your mobile application and not only users!

That’s why we are your choice when it comes to mobile marketing as we both seek to achieve numbers and value combined in order to achive along-lasting positive impact on your mobile business.



Our catalogue of around 100 games is a solid proof of our passion to this ever-growing industry; yet, it is a very crowded one. We will help you in your journey in building your game (s) store from scratch.

You can choose one of our games in the catalogue and we will customize it and theme it for your own specific requirements or you can request to develop a new game from scratch which we will deliver in timely manner as well as high quality.



We offer more than 15 years of telecom and mobile development experience; let us assist you in choosing what’s right for you before venturing and investing in any mobile solution.

Promise Digital started developing apps in 2009; the apps were internal products that required more efforts from us to bring to the market and sustain on the long run. This expertise made us very strong in understanding the ever-changing mobile market landscape.

We were able to organize and utilize this experience in providing valuable insights to our clients and partners on how to manage their entrants to the mobile market; we also provided consultancy for other big players n the regional market on how to better utilize and capture more value with their existing mobile application catalogue.