Our Story

Long before there were app stores and smart phones in the market; the founders of Promise Digital were already part of this ever-evolving mobile eco-system. CEO lived the change first-hand; he was occupying a front-seat in this amazing mobile industry development show. The two founders of promise were part of the senior management within the data service unit at one of the biggest mobile operators in the region.


The Secret Ingredient

Both started feeding the hungry-for-content mobile users at the end of 2003; at that time content was simple, way much simple; yet, they felt that the wave of change is coming and the prepared themselves for it by establishing promise in 2007.

Building Relations

Since then, the company has focused only on enriching the mobile users experience; they collaborated with some of the leading enterprises and mobile operators to deliver a state of the art mobile experience.


Promise Digital Differentiation

Our Philosophy is based on one key word: Sustainability. This means that we don’t consider our role to be completed once we hand in the mobile solutions or application for the client; instead, we extend our offering ad expertise to reach beyond that to guarantee that the clients’ solution will be sustainable on the long run.

Promise Digital Approach

We work closely with our clients during all the phases of any project; their feedback is important to us as it will dictate the quality and level of satisfaction for each project delivery.

In order to ensure that each project is given the right amount of attention, disregarding the size of the project, we adopt the below development process which is straight and direct:

Our Commitment

We will commit to the below four pillars as we understand the importance for our clients to deliver on time and be ahead of competition; not to forget that these deliveries should be of the highest quality and backed by the best support. In order to achieve that we committee to resource allocation and focused project management